Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bees on YouTube

Just a word of warning from Madame Beespeaker: I have screened this videos ahead of time to see if they are age appropriate. YouTube contains quite a bit of mature content, so I advise you if you are one of my art students, these videos are safe but do not surf YouTube unless you are with a parent or you have permission from your guardian!

1) Hinterland Who's WhoTube: An excellent Canadian video about pollination. 7.5 minutes

2) Le même video en Français: "La pollinisation, c'est extra-super! La pollinisation, effectuée par des insectes tels que les abeilles et les papillons et des oiseaux comme le colibri, est l'un des processus écologiques les plus importants de la planète.

Regardez l'épisode Web afin d'apprendre ce que vous pouvez faire pour aider ces petits êtres occupés."

3) A PSA by Burt's Bees on Colony Collapse Disorder. 1 minute

4) Silence of the Bees: A fragment of a PBS special. 2 min. 40 sec.

5) A very funny Haagen Dazs Bee Dance--Hip hop style! 2 min.

6) Same deal, but this time disco style! 1.5 min.

7) A very short operatic style video by Hagen Daas. 32 sec.


8) A video explaining how bees pollinate vanilla orchids. Does this defy evolution? That's up to you to decide! 3 min. 42 sec.

The Bee Dance

1) A short video of real honeybees doing the waggle dance. 1min.

2) A more detailed video of the bee dance. Good content, but poor sound and fuzzy visuals. 3 min.

3) Bob and Byrne: A couple of silly bees. Good for a chuckle. 2.5 min.

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