Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Queen

I am particularly pleased with this photograph of me by the Royal Photographer. It captures me in the lovely light of early spring, reminiscent of some of my favorite Dutch painters. I call it "Your Most Precious Highness Reading the Royal Proclamation: Where there is Beauty, there is Hope." And hope is what we need in these trying times. We wait for news from the South with baited breath. What will the winter losses be this year? Will the colonies continue to dwindle in number and in strength? Will the humans stop exploiting the workers for their pollination services? I sincerely hope so. I refuse to let my workers be treated in this fashion. We are not overbred and overfed zombies! We are dignified creatures with hive minds and wild souls.

In the mean time, it's warming up out there and finally it's time to get outside and GET BACK TO WORK!!!! It's time to gather pollen while the sun shines and I mean get off your duff and get me some of that willow and crocus pollen today.

Don't forget your daily proboscis exercises as we need to compete with the long-tongued bees for nectar. Some stupid human mistook me for a Bombus Psithyrus the other day and I was most upset. Do I look like a Cuckoo Bee? I am an Apis Mellifera you fool!! I mean, have you Googled me lately? Does my tongue hand down to my knees? It does not. I will refrain from further comment.

Yours in Beauty and Truth,

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