Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wind Moon

I spent the weekend in Victoria, hoping to unwind and enjoy some cherry blossoms and warm breezes. I got a big surprise in the form of Arctic winds and snow falling in the plum blossoms. The metaphor became a reality.

The weather was doing flip flops with the wind playing raucous tag with the muscle-bound clouds.

I returned home to two inches of snow on the ground. The crocuses and irises look a bit shocked today after the sun melted the snowcover.

The Lakota call the March moon the Moon of the Sore Eyes. It must be a time when there is increased daylight, but snow remaining on the ground-- a vulnerable time to risk sunburning your eyes. I explained to my students that when the one time I visited Greece the sun reflected off those beautiful white ruins and burned my eyes horribly. There's got to be the genesis of a myth in there somewhere.

The Eastern Cherokee (and the Celtic people) call the March moon the Wind Moon because it strips away all the dead leaves from the tree branches in preparation for new growth. One last ritual to prepare us for the sacred rebirth of spring.

Currently: -1 Degree Celsius

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