Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bumble Bees in Bleeding Hearts

I like the semi-industrial spaces in Vancouver, especially when the artists use these liminal spaces to practice their various forms of creative expression, kind of like urban pollinators working in the spaces between busy roads and concrete warehouses. There are loads of studios around Clark and Porter, and some quirky little garden spaces that are droning with native bumble bees. If you look very closely at the photo above you can see a little bumble bee looking for nectar in these bleeding heart flowers. This shady little oasis is very close to the extremely busy thoroughfare of Clark Street. I had a very inspiring walk around the neighbourhood.

At the side of this building, which is painted a fresh green-gold color is a lovely xeriscape garden that is fantastic for bees. They love this variety of Spanish lavender.

This silvery sage fits is very well next to the lavender foliage.

Look at the color relationship here with the blossoms and the stucco.

I was also struck by the yellow color of this studio.

It's picked up and repeated with the yellow school buses that are parked here when they are resting.

Some of the curbside gardens in this neighborhood have been very carefully sculpted.

This cat is the personification of summer relaxation--stretched out flat in the cool shade of a balcony. I want to do that!

I am intrigued by mosaic park, but it offers little in the way of bee forage.

These curbside gardens are fantastic, and I like the way the mosaic motif with picked up in the colors of the flowers.

Look at the varying shades of these simple poppies and the way they all catch the sun.

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