Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bobbin's Garden

"Bobbin" is a wonderful artist and a passionate gardener. I had the wonderful privilege of being invited to her house for lunch. This morning glory reminds me of her vibrant sense of color. She looks great in blue and often wears beautiful blue earrings. Her garden is artful and harmonious, a combination of sun and shade plants--wild and cultivated. She clipped veggies from her garden while I puttered around and took it all in.

I love the color relationship between these coneflowers and the maple behind it.

Wasps drink from an elegant and rustic water bath.

Coffee filters entwined with vines! Quirky!

The variety of color and textures is inspiring and magazine-worthy.

I haven't seen these for a long time. I think my dad still has a few glass insulators. Suddenly I want some in our garden!

This is lobelia--a beautiful shade-loving plant.

Bobbin harvests from the garden and voila! She throws together a beautiful salad bursting with flavor that we eat with a chewy baguette spread with tsatsiki. Bobbin pours an amazing iced tea which she makes with black tea mixed with rose-hip/hibiscus and slightly sweetened. I love it.

The grin on this happy dog's face just about says it all. Thanks Bobbin!

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