Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chaos at Open Space

I have just performed a collaboration with Anakana Schofield called Big Mamas Riding High at Open Space in Victoria. Here's a description of the event from the gallery's website:

CHAOS brings an international group of artists together for a week of performance in Victoria. This is the second half of an exchange that saw a group of Canadian artists perform in Belfast with the support of the artist-run centre Bbeyond. These artists expose the absurdity and inflated expectations of the accelerated lifestyles we have come to accept as compulsory. Women, particularly European and North American women, who’ve been told that they can “have it all”, have become intimately familiar with the nature of chaos. The continual juggling of tasks and personas at work and at home has put women in a unique position to identify practical applications of chaos, not just as an intellectual construct. These women will explore the underlying structures and complexities of chaos by playing in it and with it.
CHAOS highlights the artists’ uncompromised perspective within a globalized context. The conditions of existence, both self-imposed and those beyond our control, stimulate a dialogue between the artists, their work and the audience here in Victoria.

Curated by SinĂ©ad O’Donnell, John G Boehme and Judith Price.

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