Friday, January 13, 2012

A Winter Stroll in Kits

After a long grey spell we are finally enjoying some sunshine, so I have taken the time to catch some rays. I love walking around in other people's neighborhoods looking at gardens and houses, so I headed to Kitsilano for a stroll. Click on the photo to take a closer look at that amazing leopard print door.

The top part of the outside of this house is covered in astro turf. Talk about kitsch.

The heather is bloomin' in the gloamin'.

I love this wonky raised bed that's tucked into the corner of a curb with its crops of winter greens and herbs. I am kicking myself for failing to plant a winter garden this year, especially now that I am addicted to kale.

Check out the psychedelic ornamental kale. Apparently you can eat this although it is not as tender or tasty as the other varieties because it's bred for beauty. Kind of like me. Ar Ar.

I love the mop heads of these clematis vines for winter interest.

I couldn't figure out what kind of tree this is, but I love the silhouette against those wispy clouds.

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