Monday, September 3, 2012

New Life Organic Foods in Denzil, Saskatchewan

 When we were in Saskatchewan we had the privilege of visiting the The Witzaney Family Farm on their open house day. I went to school with David Witzaney and his brother and was excited to hear that they had taken the challenge of going organic. They are a lovely family, the kids are home schooled and they all take part in the daily chores of running a busy operation.

 The processing plant is clean as a whistle and smells of fresh grain.

 These piglets are only a few days old. Don't you just want to hug them!

We hopped onto the back of the horse-drawn wagon to the wind turbines where Dave told us about wind power. He said that as long as they are not in a direct flight migration path, the birds stay away from them, with the exception of one unlucky magpie. They didn't seem to bother the swallows nesting in the adjacent shed.

The pigs and chickens are free range and have tons of space to roam around in.

I bought lentils, quinoa and pancake mix and we entered a draw for a box of organic food. We were so excited that mom won the prize! Yeehaw! They sent us home with lots of goodies and delicious home-baked organic cookies made by one of the girls. Thanks so much guys.

 So we got to have lovely sausages and pancakes for breakfast the next morning with peaches and Saskatoon berries. Delicious!

Yes, this is my plate. You can tell I am in my happy place. To learn more about the farm, check out their website here and watch this fabulous uplifting video.

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