Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pollinator Heros in the Downtown East Side

 On Saturday, I joined a walk lead by Sharon Kallis from the Urban Cloth Project: Terroir and Sarah Commons from Hives for Humanity. Participants in the UCP: Terroir project grew textile fabric from seed and prepared, spun and dyed the fibers before they were crocheted into the skep-shaped pollinator markers like the one you see above.

We began the tour in the Carnegie Library where one of the pollinator heroes showed us the seed library tucked up on the shelves and a collection of books related to bees donated by Hives for Humanity.

 Himalayan honeysuckle was popular with the honeybees.

 Ripe blueberries in early June in the Hastings Urban Farm. The honeybees were very active in the nearby asparagus flowers.

Veronica is an important June bee plant.

A small leafcutter bee in the shadow of a sea holly head.

 A long-horned flower beetle sips sea holly nectar.

Karen Barnaby's skep-shaped treats glitter with flax and gold.

Sharon approves!

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