Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Bee Garden is Shaping Up

Yesterday was a great day for me. I gardened in the morning and taught in the afternoon. The the weather was breezy and sunny, and the giddiness of spring was in the air. People stopped by the MOP garden and said how much they appreciated our work.

The brussel sprouts from winter are just about to bloom.

Jean and I marked out the path for the bee garden and our work party we weeded and added sea soil. Then we dug up the ground to make it more friable because it has become quite compacted with all the work on the fence and the weeding. I planted some yarrow and sage plants, just to have that feeling that something new is beginning to take root here.

Sharon digs out some dandelions. They can thrive in other parts of the MOP, just not in here!

We had some cute, shaggy visitors.

Meanwhile, around the neighborhood, April flowers are blooming.

These fluffy flowers don't look like a great pollen or nectar plant.

These look large enough for some bumble bee action, but no bees in sight.

This is a terribly invasive plant and should be removed from anywhere in Vancouver.

This looks like the kind of plant that would attract a variety of insect visitors. I will have to go and observe it later in the day when the nectar would be flowing.

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