Monday, February 6, 2012

Lemon Curd, Where Have You Been All My Life?

One of my art professors in Saskatoon took our class out to her place in the country to fire some clay sculptures in a pit. I don't remember much about the art, but I do have a fond recollection of the amazing jars of her own homemade lemon curd she generously shared with us over afternoon tea.

I do love tarts filled with lemon curd, but I've never made it myself because of the fear of overdosing on cholesterol-laden egg yolks. Today I decided to get over that fear of egg yolks and make Meyer lemon curd, as directed by David Lebovitz. I used extra large eggs with bright orange yolks from the winter farmer's market. I used 1/2 cup of brown sugar, since we don't have any white sugar on hand and it worked well. Really well. And it's so simple to make! Trust me, when you taste that buttery rich tang, you will never turn back. Mixed with low fat Liberty yogurt, it is a spine tingling pleasure. Tonight for dessert I will make whipped cream for the boys and fold in the curd. Tomorrow I will make lime curd, maybe infuse in some kaffir lime leaves. The next day I will make blood orange curd and whisk in a bit of peel. Calamansi, grapefruit, yuzu, tangerine--the possibilities are making me very excited. And pairing these curds with scones and tea is going to make me as happy as sunshine in February.

Tonight I made fresh scones, whipped up some cream and stirred in lemon curd. Put a dollop of curd on top of the whipped cream mixture on a warm scone and you will see the light.

Spring flowers are on sale now: primulas, tulips, and pussy willows, oh my!

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