Monday, March 12, 2012

Where to Eat in Saskatoon: Weczeria

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon, or not at all.
--Harriet Van Horne

I was so lucky to be able to celebrate my recent birthday with my dear family at Weczeria in Saskatoon. It was a fantastic night and I regret that the lighting was low so my photos can't do justice to the event. My partner and I fell in love with Weczeria many years ago when it opened off Broadway and it has now moved into a larger space due to popular demand.

I made sure to make the reservations weeks in advance. The place was already just short of absolutely full at 6 pm when we arrived. You can see here on the blackboard how they keep track of how many bunnies are left to serve. One of those was mine!

The back room is my favorite part of the restaurant with its cool bottle chandelier. I want my living room to look like that!

We had a bottle of Sumac Ridge Gewurtz and I also had a lovely festive sangria in a jar.

The menu is a la moment, written up on a blackboard as it is as ephemeral as seasonal ingredients. My sister had the pickeral with mushrooms, farrow and almond cherry crumble. I snatched a few bites and loved the chewy, nuttiness of the farrow and thought it went well with the fish. The cherry crumble added a brightness to the dish with what I assume is those local sour cherries again.

We also had this lovely green salad over roasted carrots with hazelnuts and raisin purée. I love the idea of having a green salad grounded with a base of roasted root vegetables.

I had the bunny braised in beer with caramelized onion puree and gnocchi. Sorry, I was into that rabbit so fast I forgot to take a photo. It became an instant all time favorite for me. And for my birthday dessert I had the creamy butterscotch pudding in a jam jar with brownies on the side. Oh yeah. Cooked with abandon and eaten with abandon.

Kudos to chef Daniel Walker and his team for a fabulous meal and for their well-deserved success.

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