Sunday, August 12, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Salad Rolls

Thanks to all the kind folks who came out and supported our Artsy Fartsy Yard Sale and especially to Leanne and Ruby Dog for hosting.

 I woke up early yesterday and today and baked about 8 dozen cookies and sold nearly every one. I put the remaining few in the freezer for an impromptu tea party at a later date. The chocolate truffle cookies were the best seller.

I had a nice shady spot in front of the lovely heritage apartment building.

Friends stopped by and shopped and caught up on the news.

 It's so nice to see people in Vancouver wearing their cool summer togs rather than polar fleece.

And Ruby Dog watched over us with her benevolent air.

Meanwhile, back at home, Benevolent Boyfriend made some awesome salad rolls with my edible flowers. He cooked up vermicelli noodles with a bit of pork sausage, steamed some tofu and rolled in the flowers and some Vietnamese coriander.

 If you leave the most vibrant flowers to the end they peek through.

Roll them up, seal them and Bob's your uncle.

 Peter made a peanut dipping sauce to go with them and this is what we ate for dinner. A perfect meal for a hot day, especially with a beer I like (which is shocking, because I am not a beer person). It's called "What the Huck?" and brewed in Ferny BC with Huckleberries. Brilliant!

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