Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unidentified Flying Object

 Yesterday we had a reprieve from the rain, and at 14 degrees Celsius, it was a fantastic day for a fall walk and some gardening. I saw these ginko leaves on the way to the community garden at city hall.

 It's amazing how many things are still growing and blooming in the garden beds. I don't think we've had a hard frost yet.

Here's a volunteer amaranth from original seeds that were planted about four years ago.

These purple curly kale plants look like exotic palm trees.

 No bees around to sup from the borage blossom, but I did see one hungry wasp looking for prey.

 I picked the anise hyssop so I can dry the seed heads and leaves.

On foggy days, the leaves seem even more vibrant.

 Here's a late bloomer! (I hope)

Apparently the mycologists in BC were very worried we'd have no mushrooms this fall because of the extrememly dry summer, however this big fat toadstool looks pretty healthy to me.

This crazy contraption was flying around the neighborhood. I guess it's some kind of spy cam. Does anyone know the story behind this?

 I dropped in at CocoaNymph for some chocolates and discovered they are selling Earnest Ice Cream. Mmmmmm . . . . I'll have one of each. Apparently CocoaNymph has a new location at Ontario and 7th, which would be worth checking out.

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