Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cherry Obsession

It all started out on a rainy Saturday at UBC Farm Market. My friend Catherine and I caught the bus and trudged past the new shiny Wesbrooke development to our destination. I huddled under a tent to peruse some jars of preserves and lo and behold, it's my friend Sivia with her new Gyspy Jams. We were excited to be invited to taste them all--so many choices--and each bursting with fruit-forward flavor. Sivia uses all natural ingredients and as little sugar as possible so she achieves an incredible depth of flavor.

It was hard to choose what to buy, but I chose three jars for 20$: hot cherry preserves, lime marmalade and spicy pepper jelly. This week I've been enjoying the spicy cherry preserves on the loaf of fig bread I bought from the vendor next to Sivia: A Bread Affair.

We stocked up on produce from UBC Farm: radishes, salad greens, and I even got that day's last bag of potatoes. Woot! We bought some Hungarian sour cherries from Jobst-Hof Orchard in Oyama and I have to say Catherine and I are both hooked. We both made cherry pies and I had the cherries on my porridge and yogurt in the morning. They are so ripe they don't even need a lot of sugar, but they have that lovely tart edge in the flavor.

Now where can I score some more of those babies?

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