Sunday, June 12, 2016

What is Mini Maker Faire?: It's Made of Makers

 It's made of Maker Beespeaker and Maker Lysa Flower: Women Who Run with the Bees.

 Lysa's upcycled chairs with fabric she designed and printed locally.

 Lysa Flower aprons with 2 distinct designs for hunting (weeds that is) or gathering.

Lysa Flower bandanas that are just the perfect size for 1940's dos.

Beespeaker craftivism flags.

Maker Lori's book: Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide for Saving the Bees. A BIG thanks to all you folks who are feeding the bees!!! We CAN do it!

Beespeaker craftivism kits for five bucks!!!!

Lysa Flower's hot and cold packs and kneeling pads.

Lysa Flower tool boxes.

Makers in matching bandanas by Lysa Flower.

Three adorable stacked dudes.

Costumes and light sabres.

Makers and growers.

Truck beds by makers.

Seeds for Bees.

Can you spot the fortune-telling trout?

Frankenstuffies for everyone.

Quilts by makers.

Bags by Makers: Lysa Flower's mixed tape inspired pattern.

And grilled cheese to warm us on this cold and rainy day. Mini Maker Faire is creativity and comfort food all wrapped up in one easy location.

And we're doing it again on Sunday. That's today!!!! Be there or be a Sponge Bob square. Come and make free origami seed packets with us.

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