Monday, February 26, 2018

Gardening for Our Lives: How to Create Corridors of Resilience

Join Madame Beespeaker for a garden talk at the Renfrew Park Library
 in east Vancouver on Sunday, March 4, 1:30 pm.

As we lose more and more arable land and wild habitat to development and industrial agricultural, we need to build corridors of resistance, with plants that provide food for wildlife and humans. Lori will discuss how we can pull together to create this edible infrastructure, and defend these pollinator pathways that help preserve the biodiversity that is being lost every day on this planet. Lori will talk about ten tough plants we need to propagate in Vancouver to help boost our chances of keeping Metro Vancouver healthy and green.

This talk is a part of the Super Bloomers artists in community residency at Renfrew Park Community Centre.

Do you like to take photos of flowers? Why not try to capture bumblebees on the flowers in your garden? Find out how you can be a citizen scientist this summer with The Great Canadian Bumblebee Count.