Friday, December 30, 2011

Boxing Week in Victoria

Let's face it, Boxing Day has turned into a week-long holiday phenomenon. I had never ventured out of the house on the day after Christmas, but this year I spent part of Boxing Week visiting a dear friend in Victoria.

I stocked up on my favorite natural body products at Nezza Naturals. Those folks do amazing things with aromatherapy and natural ingredients such as beeswax.

I was shocked to learn that a local call in a public booth now costs fifty cents! Jeepers. Luckily I was able to use this charming phone booth at Nootka court to let my friends know I had arrived. The sad news was that my favorite restaurant Daidoco was closed over the holidays. In fact many small businesses were shut up tight as a drum.

Even though the weather was gloomy and mild, I was cheered by the blooms and berries on these Oregon grape bushes.

My friend was on a mission to consume maccha (I'm more used to spelling it "matcha"), so we headed to a new shop called "Spiced Water" which boasts excellent tea and coffee. I had a maccha chai. It comes slightly sweetened with cinnamon and black pepper. Delicious! I wanted cardamon too.

These guys are lovely and they know their stuff. It's interesting to meet folks who are dedicated to both coffee and tea.

Spiced Water is across from the Sticky Wicket in a stand-alone shack with a few stools. It is the "yang" to its sister tea shop in Nootka Court called "Jagasilk" which is more "yin" in its location and focus on pottery and tea. Jagasilk is tucked in right next to Daidoco Deli.

Local seasonal eating is easy in a city that takes pride in its produce. I had awesome chocolate porter stout ribs on mashed potatoes with cheese curds and brussel sprouts at the Superior, seafood chowder with a very good smoked tuna salad at Spinnakers, and home made vanilla doughnuts (they're organic!) at Spiced Water.

Discerning penguins agree, Victoria is a good place to spend Boxing Week. What are your Boxing Week traditions?