Monday, August 18, 2014

The Incredibly Tiny Hulk: Perilampid Wasps


Something surprises me every time I look for insects in gardens and when I saw a glittering turquoise wasp lurking on the leaves of a sunflower in my mom's garden, I assumed it was a little jewel wasp. Then I looked at the photograph and realized his critter looked like a jewel wasp on steroids. I identified it by seeing a similar creature on Bug Eric's website who helped me recognize it as a perilampid wasp which is a wasp that "parasitizes the parasites", making it a "hyperparasitoid wasp". There's a famous quote in the movie Jaws, when Brody says "We're gonna need a bigger boat." When I see these tiny fascinating creatures, I whisper to myself "I'm gonna need a bigger lens."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

You are Invited to Pollinator Picnic at Moberly Arts Centre Community Garden with Lori Snyder

Sunday Aug 24 @ 11 am to 1 pm--with special guest Lori Snyder

Join us at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre Community Garden for a picnic in the garden. Learn about pollinators and help build our garden and keep it beautiful. Please bring your own picnic brunch/lunch and dress for garden work!
Where: Behind the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre
7646 Prince Albert Street, (one block east of 60th and Fraser)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Prairie Bees

 I'm on the road in Alberta and Saskatchewan visiting family and taking photos of bees for my book. I found two patches of these wild upright prairie coneflowers (Ratibida columnifera).

The leafcutter bees are huge out here!

And found this little cutie in my mom's garden in Cactus Lake clinging to a leaf by her mandibles while she grooms herself. Beautiful!