Saturday, August 6, 2016

Earthwise Pickerel Weed

 Artist Jasna Guy and I were fascinated by this bog plant, which the bees were giving their love. She identified it as pickerel weed. Look at those yellow nectar guide spots. It has such a luminous color. Jasna found there is a melissodes bee that has a close association to this plant. (It looks a lot like the long-horned bee in the post below, but that is to be confirmed.)

Having a water feature can increase the biodiversity in your garden exponentially. I imagine these boggy plants may be a good source of nectar, especially in dry weather.

And speaking of biodiversity, look at all these wasp galls!

If you've got a boggy area in your garden, this is a good place to visit for inspiration. They also have organic plants for sale at reasonable prices.

Douglas's spirea, how I adore ya.

 There are some very cute signs in the garden.

Must not play with fuzzy seeds. I am very happy with this photo of one of my favorite wildflowers for bees and a very healthy looking leafcutter bee.

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