Monday, August 22, 2016

Vampire-Free Bees at the Metro Vancouver Garlic Festival

I've been looking forward to the Garlic Festival at the Sharing Farm all summer. This is such a great event for a great cause--good karma all around.

Garlic is a great thing to celebrate, especially when it's grown organically on a small organic farm.

They also grow the strawflowers used to make the garlic braids.

The morning light makes those tomatoes look especially delicious.

And of course you need some good ole Chilliwack corn to go with that garlic, picked just that morning. The corn dude told me he was up at 4 a.m. That's a real farmer for you.

There was wonderful music and good food by local chefs. The blackberry sage ice cream and tostado salads rocked.

There were a few things I missed from earlier festivals: winter veggie starts, foccacia with garlic cooked in the cob oven, and garlic for planting. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!

I love to see a whole raised bed full of catmint animated by (vampire-free) bees.

The fennel is explosive!

More catmint, plus borage and mustard make good bee forage.

At first I thought these were the latest hipster invention: fish popsicles! Fishicles.

This invention in the kid's area was such a great idea--even the really wee ones could play with it.

And I had a blast helping kids make and decorate seed packets to take home to plant for the bees.

Kudos to my cool volunteer who was an amazing helper and did this awesome drawing! And thanks to the staff and all the volunteers who made this event successful. Long live the garlic growers and eaters!

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