Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MOPARRC Green Tea Party

Thanks to everyone who came out in their green togs to our green tea party. It turned out to be a lovely day in the Emerald City.

This could be you! The Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra is good at hypnotizing and gaining new recruits at every event.

Sandy gave a talk about the paper garden she has planted in the annual bed including flax, wheat, corn, and what used to be a patch of hemp.

These are the vegan zucchini cupcakes with a lime glaze. We also had several types of shortbread made with teas, cucumber sandwiches and green salsa. I'll post the recipes soon.

Here's Sharon, one of the green tea ladies. We actually have a tea bush in the MOP garden and Tanya at Shaktea just informed me that you have to let a tea bush mature for ten years before you pick the buds and/or leaves.

Hey, there's my gang of smiling friends. They've been drinking the happy tea.

The tea ladies make sure proper protocol is observed.

We had tea made from plants from the MOP garden and my garden: Mint and fennel, mint with lemon verbena, and wild bergamot with anise hyssop.

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