Monday, November 1, 2010

Come Tell the Bees: A Shrine for Our Ancestors

Marriage, birth or burying,
News across the seas,
All your sad or merrying,
You must tell the bees.

For several weeks our creativity circle has been working on a shrine for All Souls at Mountainview cemetery. We made a lantern in the shape of a bee skep made of handmade paper. We installed the lantern Saturday afternoon and spent the evening at the shrine inviting people to make messages that would be carried by the bees. We had some very meaningful conversations and what I liked was that people left messages about births as well as messages for their loved ones who have passed on.


  1. So beautiful and moving, Lori. I love it.

  2. Thanks! It's so nice to hear from you!!!
    Take Care,

  3. Lovely. wish I could been there.

  4. Such sincerity and honesty. A quiet and lovely way to say good-bye and welcome.