Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snowy Seedy Saturday

Happy Seedy Saturday! Did you go? What did you buy? I bought pussywillows and just a few seeds from Seeds of Victoria: A "Sooty Black" Dianthus, Vervain, Sweet Cicely, Malva Sylvestris "Magic Hollyhocks", and Caucasian Germander. The flower seeds were on for half price, so I was filled with double happiness.

I admired the fruit trees and bought a bunch of excellent second hand gardening books. Woot! It was bloody cold and the snowflakes were falling, but the garden chat was good. Too bad it's so crowded in there. I'm curious to see what it will be like next year in the new building.

Brian Campbell was saying that crap apple trees are excellent for bees because they contain more pollen than other trees and that pollen has more protein than other tree blossoms. Plant more crap apples, people! I love them. I bought some stewed crab apples at the winter market last week and I'll tell you what's good: drink the juice with a slug of vodka. Oh ya. I eat the crab apples sans spirits on my yogurt in the morning.

Brian will be out looking for bumble bee queens soon for a new EYA project with wild pollinators. Stay tuned for more details. Believe it or not, the queens will be emerging soon and before you know it the mason bees will be out there searching for crap apple blossoms.


  1. Where was seedy Saturday this year? I went a few year ago (and bought pussy willows too!) but it was in Surrey.

  2. Lysa there are Seedy Saturdays in many cities. There's one coming up in Richmond. Check the Google. In Vancouver it's at VanDusen Gardens.