Monday, October 24, 2011

Hops, Quince and Cranberries

This month I worked with some Langara students at the Moberly Community Herb Garden making herbal wreaths. I pulled down our hops vines to use to make the wreaths and harvested the buds. The hops filled the room we were working in with that pungeant garlic-like smell that is supposed to make you feel drowsy. I've given the hops to a friend who makes beer and he's popped them in the freezer.

I bought these cranberries from a farmer at the Kits market and made a salsa with garlic, honey, and tomatilloes--good with roast chicken.

I also bought tiny crab apples which I made into juice and added some sour cherry juice from fruit I had in the freezer from earlier in the year. I thought I'd have to add honey, but you know I loved it without any sweetener. There was enough residual sugar in the fruit to make it taste tart and refreshing. We've also been making pumpkin pies, which is one of my all time favorite fall foods.

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