Monday, June 4, 2012

Kits Gardens

One thing that helps to make me happy is exploring the gardens of Kitsilano. Some of the color combinations are really inspiring, like these arnica blossoms beside a dark grey fence.

 Now take a look at the awesome burgundy foliage on this plant. It looks like Sweet Cicely. Does anyone know what it is?

For your daily dose of bee watching, I recommend the ceonothus bushes that are blooming right now. Usually you can find a whole family of bumble bees feeding together. These bee has a striking red stripe on its abdomen.

Columbines look lovely in the rain.

 I heart cornflowers and their color really works its therapy on a grey day.

I also love this dark iris.

Foxgloves are everywhere now, including the back alleys of Vancouver.

These two trees were meant for a hammock.

Irises really have strong personalities.
Jasmine provides the aromatherapy we need on a rainy day.

I dig this decadent planted piano.

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