Monday, October 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Sushi

 We had a lovely traditional Turkey Dinner last Sunday, but on Thanksgiving Monday we decided to have a sushi-making party.

 My sister-in-law brought lots of veg that had already been prepped: carrots, cukes, peppers, sweet potatoes, squash, salad cress and pea shoots. It was lovely to use the leftovers of these vegetables all week long in our lunches. I think I'm going to try to keep prepped veg in my fridge as it helps with healthy eating.

 Peter steamed some tofu and he also seared the tuna that N bought at the Kits Farmer's Market. We also cut up some avocado.

Luckily it was warm enough to have tea in the back yard. I picked some fennel seeds to dry in the porch before the rains came.

And yes, the rains have come, so the sunny days are good memories to hold on to as we shiver under our umbrellas.

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  1. Lovely! Our family adores sushi but of course we only make it for special occasions. For example we made sushi for our oldest last birthday and what the heck we threw in some Doritos to boot! They were just sitting there and it seemed like a good idea. It was quite taste, not so healthy but oh so tasty!