Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve in Vancouver

This morning I had an absolutely blissful head massage from Glynnis Osher, who also runs a business that makes ayurvedic candles, oils, and other fabulous things. The massage took care of the back and jaw pain I woke up with and made me feel wonderful, and much merrier than before. I bought a bottle of her scalp massage oil to appear magically in my stocking since Mr. Claus informed me he had "forgotten all about your stocking." Ha! Good thing I know how to stock my own stocking.


On the way home I snapped some photos of the neighborhood.

Sparkly dresses for sale with peacock feather patterns.

 These are poke berries. They are a dye plant and I noticed that when it snowed, their juice dyed the snow bright magenta. I love their intense color.

This is my favorite ornament made by Ules.

 Hens a chicks--a lovely gift from Thomas, who is studying horticulture.

 Ules' Picasso-inspired art which I hung the wrong way around, thinking it was Peruvian-inspired.

Another favorite art piece from days gone by.

And some grumpy cat humour to keep it all in perspective.

Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!

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