Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kill Bill 24: Save the ALR for Farmers, Food and Bees!!

 Please take the time to protest against Bill 24 BEFORE TOMORROW!

Here's the deal:  From the West Coast Environmental Law Website:

The BC government has decided to close debate on Bill 24, which would make changes to the Agricultural Land Commission Act that put our agriculture and local food at risk.
If passed, these changes would restrict the role of the independent chair of the Agricultural Land Commission, one of BC’s biggest agricultural champions. They would also divide provincial agricultural lands into two zones, significantly weakening agricultural land protection in one of those zones.

The problem? That “zone” contains 90% of the province’s agricultural land reserve lands, and 85% of its lands capable of growing a range of crops.
The government wants to pass Bill 24 this Thursday afternoon. Thousands of people from across the province have opposed the Bill and asked for further consultation before these controversial changes become law. You have only a few hours to ask to have your voice heard on this important matter.

Click here to register your protest. Look here to see felfies (farmer selfies) for the ALR.

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