Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Pollinator Week!

Erin and Hartley from the Environmental Youth Alliance install the sign at Oak Meadows Park, part of the Nectar Trail Project.

Corn poppies, phacelia, California poppies, and flax are in full bloom.

Erin shares her bee box with the customers at the Oak Street Farmer's Market. A live wasp tries to grab the dead specimens to feed to her young!

The male bumblebees are out now--look for fuzzy blonde bees lookin' for love.

Various sizes of leaf-cutter bees. You can see the scopa on their bellies sticking out around the sides.

Those blue bees in the middle are "summer mason bees" and they are out now.

Go Team Pollinator Project! Join the bee safari at Oak Meadows park this Saturday to learn how you can contribute to the Nectar Trail and help make Vancouver's bees healthy.

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