Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wily Chayote and Green Bees

Today I have an eclectic selection of seasonal images from Vancouver. Chayote plants for sale on Fraser Street near Main and 49th.

 Tulip trees blossoming on the grounds of the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre. These blooms are so full of nectar, you can shake them and the nectar showers down from the blossoms.

A green sweat bee gathering powdery purple pollen of Bolander's phacelia. This year we have a critical mass of these flowers which means the variety of bees visiting the flowers has increased compared to last year, when it was visited mostly by bumblebeees.

This photo shows the stripes on the bee's abdomen.

While the sweat bees collect pollen, a  leafcutter bee goes in for a nectar dive, pushing past the hairs around the stamens to get to the sweet stuff.

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