Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tell the Bees: Jenn's Getting Married!!!!

Here come the brides, all dressed in toilet paper? What's going on? Silly rituals and games, thong underwear in 7 different colours, gluten free buffet, mimosas and 25 grinning women. Sounds like a bridal shower!

I was honored to be invited to Jenn's shower. She is radiant.

Her friends created an amazing shower in the best tradition: lots of giggles and nibbles.

I even shed a couple of tears when Jen read out the little pieces of advice written by friends and family.

Er, can I at least be the ring bearer?

 Jenn had to answer questions about the groom to be, and match his answers or chew gum. Spoiler alert: she chewed a lot of gum.

And the piece de resistance: toilet paper bridal gowns.

"Well, I hope I get that many thongs at my wedding shower!"

"I hear they're not all they're cracked up to be."

Congrats Jennifer! You will make an awesome bride.

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