Thursday, June 8, 2017

Postcards from the Summerland Ornamental Garden in May

Can you spot the crab spider in the dessert yellow fleabane (Erigeron linearis)?

 Round-leaved alumroot (Heuchera cylindrica) looks lovely en masse, especially with the pink variations mixed in. The bumblebees LOVE it!

Look at this awesome stump! Perfect for cavity nesting bees.

When looking for a bee nest, look closely at the bark, and note the size and depth of the holes.

I  noticed that the holes are really rough inside and these mason bee condos are not located close enough to the mason bee forage. Good intentions though!

 I had fun watching this bumblebee get covered in orange pollen from this ornamental allium. The colour of the pollen reminds me of Cheezie dust!

My partner in crime Jasna Guy spent a long time studying the shrubby penstemon. Can't wait to see her photos!!!!

The shrubby penstemon was  one of the busiest plants we saw that day. It's an awesome, tough plant that puts the "x" in xeriscape!

The butterfly garden is also a great place for bees with this huge chokecherry tree, redflowering currant, clove currant, antelope brush, nepeta, bugle and more.

This spot with the bugle under the nepeta was particularly attractive to this noisy silver bear of a bee. It was very possessive of this site. A black-chinned hummingbird perched on tree above these flowers.

I caught a nectar nicker in the bleeding hearts and swear I could actually hear the "crunch" as she bit into the top of the flower!

I've decided to do a whole other blog post on the antelope brush because it's so fascinating. What a fantastic time to visit this garden!!!! Hope to come back again and again.

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