Saturday, April 10, 2021

Cool iNat Projects: Bees and Beyond!


Here's a list of cool iNaturalist Projects to check out:


British Columbia


NBSBC Bee Tracker (Native Bees of British Columbia)


BIMBY: Butterflies in my Back Yard (David Suzuki Butterfly Rangers in British Columbia)


Vancouver Island Bumble Bees


Edible Plants on Vancouver Island


Biodiversity of Vancouver Island


Bees, Wasps, and Stinging Insects of the Sunshine Coast


Bees and Flowers of the Central and North Okanagan


BC Parks





Washington Native Bee Society:




Oregon Bee Atlas (Bee Pictures)


Oregon Bee Atlas (Plant Pictures)


Bumble Bees of the Willamette Valley




Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park


The Urban Flora of Lethbridge, AB


University of Lethbridge Campus Flora


Lepidoptera of Alberta


Biodiversity of Alberta


Alberta Parks





Bumble Bees of Ontario

“Extra points for anyone that can submit observations of the three at risk bumble bee species: Rusty-patched (Bombus afinis), Gypsy Cuckoo (Bombus bohemicus) and Yellow-banded (Bombus terricola).”


Bumble Bees of Northwestern Ontario




Bees of Canada


Bumble Bees of Canada



More United States and Beyond


Bees of North America


Cuckoo Bumble Bees (International)


Ohio Bumble Bees


Ohio Bee Atlas


Montana Bumble Bees


Bombus and Bumble Bee Sightings (North America)


Queen Quest (Bumble Bees) I think North America? Maybe just U.S.





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