Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kale Recipe Roundup

I've had a request on more recipes featuring kale, so here is a round up of recipes that look tasty to me.

The Tea Cup Chronicles currently features a good lookin' kale salad with apple, roasted beets and caraway.

How about this kale pesto with roasted walnuts at Taste Spotting?

I want to try his hearty kale and sausage soup from the Kitchn.

This looks like a classic: spaghetti with braised kale at Bon Appetit.

Here are kale chips and kale-dusted popcorn at Smitten Kitchen.

Now my favorite kale dish is Gomen wat (Ethiopian Greens). Here is a recipe for the spiced butter Niter Kibbeh and Berbere and Awaze--spice mix and spice paste at A Hungry Bear Won't Dance. I imagine you use the butter and spice paste with to make braised spicy kale. It's the butter that makes it UNCTchewous

Let me know if you try any of these recipes!

I also encourage you to listen to the podcast of Chef Bruce Wood talking to Sheryl on NXNW on CBC about his marmalade recipe and cooking with nettles. Charming!

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