Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter with Friends and Ham

We had such a lovely Easter this year because our friends from Ontario came back for a visit, so it was a great time to have a reunion with the old gang.

I was really impressed at how our friends' youngest daughter was able to have a deep conversation about dragons with two eleven year old boys who are not real chatty at the best of times. She might have a career as a politician in her future?!

What is the best way to kill a dragon? F-18 Fighter jet?

What was supposed to be "snacks" turned out to be a beautiful full on Easter brunch.

Hot cross buns from Traffiq.

This hound is a new addition to the family who baptized everything within reach on the table with her tongue. Who could resist?

Waffle man! (To be sung to the tune of Elton John's "Rocket Man.")

The first mason bee of the season made an auspicious appearance.

The bee garden signs from Bear's community project still grace the neighborhood.

I went out before the Easter egg hunt to take photos and had to scare off two crows, each with a foil egg in its beak. Ahhh chocolate. After years of filling plastic eggs with stickers and tiny toys I say the old fashioned chocolate Easter hunt is the best option.

The boys are still not too old to carry an Easter basket and they shared their eggs with the girls--how chivalrous!

Setting up the photo....

and here it is.

Later in the evening we joined family for a traditional Easter ham and my favorite: deviled eggs!

Happy Spring everyone! Thanks to our friends and family for the Easter hospitality!

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