Saturday, August 4, 2012

Market Day

 Gotta beat the heat these days by shopping early and shopping late. At the crack of dawn (well, not quite) friends drove us out to UBC Farm where I bought corn, blueberries and sour cherries. We stopped in the Landed Learning Garden and watched hummingbirds whizz around our heads, sipping on nasturtiums and scarlet runner bean blossoms.

 Later the same day, after it cooled off, I walked down the hill to the Mount Pleasant Victory Garden Market in an alley off Main and Broadway. I bought some bulb fennel from this cool dude of Barefoot Farms who grows veggies in two local back yards.

 This is the reason I headed to the market: Fish from Skipper Otto. We love it!

 My son has decided he will only eat Sockeye from now on. Well, lah-dee-dah.

Wouldn't it be loverly to have a trail of weekend pocket markets over the neighborhood so you could stroll and visit and chat and eat and drink? Le sigh. It feels like this just might be possible. Now if only the liquor laws could be relaxed, and made a bit more Euro.

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