Monday, August 6, 2012

Waiting for Hummingbirds

 For about ten years now, I have wanted to make a performative hummingbird feeder hat. (This was even before I saw the bird feeder hat by performance artist Erica Fielder.) I decided that I had to make a prototype this summer. So I cobbled some bits and pieces together and made mach 1: Lori's Hummingbird Chapeau. I launched the chapeau at the birthday of Somerville Kitchen, which was exuberantly celebrated with borcht and birthday cake.

 I sterilized the feeder bottles with hot vinegar and water (1:1) and then made up a sugar solution 1 part sugar to three parts water. This is meant to be a spectacle feeder, not for sustained use. Anyway, hummers have plenty of flowers to sip from at this time of the year, which is probably one of the reasons they declined to visit the hat. It could have been the extreme heat (34 degrees C) or the disco ball. (See above.) We'll never know.

 The borscht was made by J and served with lashings of sour cream, yogurt, fresh dill, and lemon wedges. We chatted about Dutch licorice, fennel and orange salad, and Scandinavian mystery novels.

 The garden is full of delightful little surprises like this passionflower.

 The birthday cake, made by Anita, was light and dotted with fresh raspberries.

 Later the same day we had a family dinner and I put on the hat and waited. . .

 and waited. The hummers didn't come. This was weird, since they visit my inlaws' garden every night just about at the time we're eating dessert.

 Well, it just goes to show, hummingbirds live on their own schedule.

Meanwhile, I took off the hat and enjoyed a piece of raspberry pie with homemade vanilla ice cream. Happy summer! Happy Pride! Happy Birthday!

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