Monday, June 10, 2013

It's All Going to Come Together

Yesterday I was sitting at the bus stop on the way to my choir concert, feeling under-rehearsed and over-stressed. A man who appeared to be quite inebriated came over to me, looked me right in the eyes and said, "It will all come together, somehow. Either or . . . somehow. It will all come together." I was calmed. It was uncanny. The concert was fine. It was dignified. I made a few mistakes, but none that sent me to cry in the washroom. The worst thing that happened was being admonished for minor uniform infractions. My brown shoes and deep decollatage were upsetting the costume mistress. I felt like I was going to get a red card or be forced to wear the choral badge of shame. Strewth. At least I didn't show up in my pajamas.

Today was the most beautiful day possible. I gardened. I went out for lunch with my lovely parents. I made supper and gardened some more. My dad is the official violet, viola, and pansy picker. Mom helps me prep the salad greens. We had morels and purple broccoli for dinner. Life is good. I  strolled over to Shaktea to collect my thoughts while sipping their fine green blend on ice. I went to chat with Catherine through her fence. The setting sun lit up her white curly hair like a halo. And then a little bee landed on my wrist just to say hi and have a little rest. I gingerly pulled my camera out of my bag with my left hand and took several pics. This was another affirmation. All your trials, all your worries, all those loose threads running over your grey matter-- they're all going to come together.

1000 bee blessings to you.

Thinking of Nelson Mandela right now and all the gifts he brought to us.

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