Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Are you as tired of the rain as I am? It's tempting to make like this wasp and hunker down in a cozy spot to wait it out. I have been neglecting my peas because my friend Catherine says "you must not walk among the peas in the rain." I guess the same must be said of garlic, because mine is badly infected with rust, which travels on the moist air. Oh well, I think it's far enough along in the development that it won't make a big difference, but next year I will choose an earlier maturing variety.

I had a workshop down in the Athlete's Village and saw lots of St John's Wort blooming along with a patch of white melilot which was attracting honeybees. Too bad it was right near a lot of semi-truck cabs idling for no good reason--one of my pet peeves. Grrrrr.

I have two new posts up at the Moberly Cultural Herb Garden Blog.

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