Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Post Cards From Oregon Day 2

It was very restorative to spend time in my host's garden admiring the spring blooms and chasing bees with my camera. These are the blossoms of a fruit-bearing quince. I never saw bees in them, but there was almost constantly and hummingbird feeding in the flowers and then zipping up to the evergreen tree that loomed above. I wondered if there might be a nest up there.

These plum blossoms were very popular with bees. On the first sunny day, there were tiny mining bee males lekking around the blossoms.

 The gardening seminar I was speaking at was called "Fertilize your Mind". Awesome title!

I got shivers when I saw this beautiful sign outside the door of the room I was speaking in. My surname means "willow" in German, so this plant figures in my lineage.

This signage was so inspiring! It seemed so appropriate to be celebrating gardening in this context.

And anyone who's had to soothe a teething baby, you know how brilliant this willow rattle idea is!

This is a plant I don't have much experience with, but I'm very intrigued to get to know it.

This is the view from the casino.

The building itself is dedicated to the people that fought to have their nation officially recognized by the American government. I found this very moving. There is a mini-museum in the foyer which describes the values of the Coquille Nation.

This is the installation outside the cedar room.


There were display tables created by local businesses and community groups.

 And free seed catalogues!!!!!

Attended a wonderful talk by Emily Stimac on themed herb gardens. Definitely have to visit The Thyme Garden some day. And Rich Little enlightened us on the truth behind several gardening myths.

It was lovely to meet so many passionate gardeners!!!

Here's hoping the language and dialogue around the local native plants will reawaken, flourish, and thrive.

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