Thursday, June 29, 2023

Forest Light



Darren and I walked the forest paths, the birder and the beespeaker, listening for the songs of the creatures we love so much. We each have our own agendas, but they happily overlap.

Creating cyanotypes of plants has sharpened my eye for the details of pattern, shape, and light. The forest edge is full of beautifully complex relationships among the native and introduced plants there on the sides of the path. I want to be fully present to appreciate and celebrate every stamen and petal, every leaf miner pattern and leaf edge.

 The dappled forest light is glorious, lighting the salmonberries from within like enchanted lanterns.


This bush in particular was growing berries that reminded me of salmon roe.


There are bumble bees that travel along the edge of the forest, pollinating the delicate flowers on the sides of the path, spotlit for their pollinators, as if the stage was set for them.



Darren found a sad little boy on the path, lost and dusty. I put him on a log for a chance for him to warm up and fly again.

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