Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Honeycomb

Yesterday we celebrated Earth Day by launching even more seed balls and decorating the new pollinator corridor.

I spent part of Tuesday evening gathering dandelions from one vacant lot to decorate another. Just before sundown a queen bumble bee was desperately gathering pollen before the flowers closed up for the night. I put the dandelions in water overnight and they opened late Wednesday morning in time to be used to make some ephemeral art.

On the way to the vacant lot the students laughed and chattered, playing "Hi, my name is Olive, my husband is Oliver and we sell olives!" They are generally a highly social group and know how to keep each other entertained. Once we'd done a count down and launched all the seed balls we got down to decorating the sidewalk with chalk and plant materials.

I like the way these students made a flower out of the hexagon form.

This repetition of the honeycomb pattern was a great way to give the sidewalk a kind of three dimensional feeling. Happy Earth Day!

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