Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prayer Flags for the Bees: Creative Chaos!

These beautiful dark pink blossoms surround the Hastings Sunrise parking lot near the school.

The dogwood is blooming in front of the LongHouse Church.

This is one of the most difficult lessons I teach--prayer flags for the bees. It's messy and it requires the students to stay focused and work fast. To make matters more complicated I decided to allow them to use paint as well as fabric pastels. I was really impressed with the work they made.

"Dear bees,
I hope you continue your traditions of dancing and surviving in your natural ways."

"Have a good sleep!"


The world needs to create a fine fabric marker. Some students ended up using the fine-liners that will wash out, but they can hang their flags indoors. The great thing about fabric pastels is that you iron them and then you can throw the fabric in the wash. The acrylic paint is also water-proof.

The students requested that we listened to The Beatles as they worked and so we worked and sang along to their greatest hits. This is such a wacky group of kids that they started taking off their paint shirts and decorating them too. I was impressed that the teacher let them have their fun. She is very laid back. Sigh. That was my last class with this group. I will miss teaching at Hastings Elementary. It's a really great school.

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  1. Fantastic stuff.

    I'm sure they will miss you too!