Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weaving Wasps and Horned Hornets

Some people have asked Madame Beespeaker, "What is the difference between a wasp an a hornet?" I usually mumble something, like, "I'm the wrong person to ask. I haven't got a clue," and then change the subject to bees or breakfast. I finally found the guy who answered the question for me in the comments section of his recent post on his blog The Home Bug Garden. He lives in Edmonton and he gardens for bugs, and his wife takes photos of them! Cool. I am very excited to be going to Edmo in September to a performance art festival because I'm going to visit the Bug Room at the Royal Alberta Museum. As well as eat perogies. Yum. Anyway, here is the link: Biodiversity Gone Bad: Hornets in the Home Bug Garden.

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