Monday, May 23, 2011

What's Blooming on Victoria Day?

I say "What's Blooming?" but I also mean "Whassup?!!!" There's a new hotel in the neighborhood suitable for elves, fairies, toads, and bugs. Snails and slugs need not apply.

The zucchini grows in the jail that keeps the peas locked up safely for their own good.

My clematis is finally taking off! I am filled with post-rapture rapture.

The tiny bees are sipping nectar from the forget-me-nots and the petals are already beginning to fall.

The golden hops is climbing over the climbing hydrangea, which is starting to bud.

The other hops is getting ready to sprint up the wall.

I brought the lemon verbena out to play. Note to self: buy vodka for lemon verbena cocktails.

White lilacs bloom against a brooding sky.

My old faithful poppies are already closing up for the night.

The nasturtiums are recovering from the nasty hailstorm damage and the salad burnett is coming into its own.

I pruned this baby back hard. Boy, she is tough.

Now this is wierd: two kinds of flowers grow on the same azalea. See below.

There are big red blooms and tiny pink blooms. It must have been grafted. Of course there is scilla everywhere. I will let it bloom, then dig a bunch up. It really loves to attach itself to other bulbs. Like the hydra, it tends to grow new "heads" at an alarming rate.

The rhubarb catches falling tulip petals and I need to cut the grass!

We are eating our first spring salads with "Easter Egg" radishes.

The spent tulips have some amazing colours. I deadheaded the tulips and have begun to dig some of them up to store them inside until fall. What do you do with the bulbs when the stem breaks off? I planted them in a pot. We'll see how that works.

Strawberries are blooming. The buttercup is blooming and the dandelions have already gone to seed.

I put in this pic of my neighbour's dogwood tree. There's a nice colour relationship with the Japanese maple behind it and his front door.

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