Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Days of Summer Blooms

It's a couple of days past solstice and I wanted to present a seasonal inventory of our garden. First off, we have some blushing alyssum.

I must have been a bit too vigorous in weeding the campanula last year, as I don't have as many this year, so I'll just let it self seed again. The bees like it and it is growing on me.

The climbing rose is will soon be covered in masses of blooms.

The peonies are resplendent.

The lupins are losing it.

The peas are perky.

The strawberries are succulent, but not very sweet.

The bees were really talking to these roses today.

And over here we have the formal wear.

I grew them from seed!

Just the thing to pop into our seasonal salad.

This herb is called Good King Henry.

The nasturtiums are spinning their parasols.

The lacy climbing hydrangea was by far the most active bee plant in the garden today.

There were lots of these lovely little bombus with their orange rumps.

And this is the hole in our storage room they were flying into. Chances are, the queen found an old mouse nest in there to nestle into. Happy summer!

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