Tuesday, January 24, 2012

His n' Hers Gin

Whiskey and boxer shorts. That's what the local doc in our small town in Saskatchewan prescribed to every couple that was having trouble getting pregnant. I think of that every time I toss my man's boxers in the wash and rinse out his scotch glass. The cycle continues.

My dearly beloved likes his nip of after dinner scotch and he guards that bottle like a passive aggressive guard dog. I can hear him growling in my head when I approach the liquor cabinet (which in our house is also the cookbook, magazine and kipple cabinet). I decided I wanted lady's tipple and so I went out and bought a bottle of Bombay Saphire Gin. I bought some tonic water, grapefruit and blood oranges and imagined myself relaxing with a citrus slurp while cooking dinner. Ummmm, so guess who's drinking all the gin cocktails. "But it's so refreshing!" he says. Dude, that's supposed to be my refreshment. Anyhow, good thing Valentine's Day is coming up, 'cause mama needs her gin!

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