Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Road Trip Highlights

Fruit stands--I love them and the small ones with the hand painted signs are best, but it's fun to stop at the mondo tourist trap. I love how this horse named Riley waits patiently for an apple. Of course there's all sorts of waiver signs around saying it's your own damn fault if Riley bites you.

They are very sad if you don't buy their Mennonite sausage. It looks like a small place with a few goats, but then we passed a giant barn full to the rafters of goats all waiting their turn for the fancy tourist food.

We stopped in Hope at the Owl Street Café with its passive aggressive collection of owls.

 The search for ice cream leads to strange places and expensive cones, but the Foothills brand is very good.

 Peter drives like a sailor, heading in the vague direction of the destination. We ended up in Vegreville, eating Ukrainian food doused in the local creamy white dill sauce. Just outside of town we were pelted with hailstones the size of baseballs. I was in the front seat, becoming quite panicky. "They're getting bigger!" (The hail, not the perogies.)

Of course we had to have a meal at our fave: the Naramata Heritage Inn. We sat on the balcony while it rained as the sun shone over the lake.

I love the Inn, steeped as it is in history, perhaps even haunted. As you can see, at least one wraith joined as at table, unless that was a raindrop on my lens.

We always have the gorgeous freshly baked bread with warm goat cheese and garlic.

 Salmon on Beluga lentils.

Of course, Ules goes for the steak.

 We listened to several books on CD. It seemed to be the sci fi trip this time around, with our fave being The Search for Wondla by Toni Diterlizzi, although Teri Hatcher's reading drove me a bit batty. We saw two coyotes, several deer (including two mule deer) two mountain goats and one badger. My favorite bit of the drive was the old highway between Canmore and Cochrane; least favorite was the congested road between Vernon and Summerland.

I'm always a bit sad when we hit the fruit stands at Keremeos because it means the fun is over. Still, it's always good to come home.

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