Saturday, March 30, 2013

Signs of Spring at Aberthau

 I am privileged to be an artist in residence at The West Point Grey Community Centre for the next nine weeks. Every Thursday afternoon I am giving a workshop that connects people with seasonal events. Every week I plan to do a walk about to see the way that spring manifests itself here over the next three months.

 I am determined to learn more about the magnificent trees on the grounds.

 The Japonica is blooming, which means the mason bees should be out and about now. I certainly see many bumble bee queens buzzing around, and the honeybees have been foraging in the sun since early March.

Of course, my fingers got covered in sticky sap when I picked this up.

 The hummingbirds will appreciate this redcurrant bush.

The resident cat enjoys the sun and all the attention it gets from visitors.

 Sun streams into the windows at Aberthau.

 This is my favorite spot for thinking and writing.

 I did see one butterfly as well as this ladybug--signs of an early spring!

We have decided to have some slow-craft evenings at Aberthau while I am here, so stay tuned for an announcement.

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